Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean for a wine to be organic?

Organic wines are made from grapes without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. This farming method promotes environmental sustainability and minimizes chemical residues in the final product.

Are all organic wines also vegan?

While organic wines are made from organic grapes, not all are vegan. Some winemaking practices, such as fining agents like egg whites or gelatin, are not vegan-friendly. However, Partners and Grapes ensures all our wines are organic and vegan-certified.

What is biodynamic wine?

Biodynamic winemaking is a holistic approach that considers the vineyard a complete ecosystem. It integrates organic farming principles with practices such as lunar cycles and composting to enhance soil health and biodiversity.

How does biodynamic farming differ from
organic farming?

Biodynamic farming goes beyond organic practices by emphasizing the interconnectedness of the vineyard with nature. It incorporates spiritual and cosmic influences, such as lunar and celestial rhythms, to guide farming practices.

What is minimal intervention farming
in winemaking?

Minimal intervention farming is an approach that allows the grapes and terroir to express themselves naturally, resulting in wines with distinct character and purity.

Are there any health benefits to drinking
organic wines?

Organic wines are often considered healthier than conventional wines because they contain fewer chemical residues. Additionally, some studies suggest that organic farming practices may lead to higher levels of beneficial antioxidants in grapes.

Do organic wines taste different from
conventional wines?

The taste of organic wines can vary depending on factors such as grape variety and winemaking techniques. However, many believe that organic wines have a purer, more authentic taste that reflects the terroir and grape characteristics.

Can you explain what sulfites are and why
they are avoided in some wines?

Sulfites are sulfur-based compounds commonly used as preservatives in winemaking to prevent oxidation and spoilage. While sulfites are naturally present in all wines to some extent, some people are sensitive to them and may experience adverse reactions. Organic wines typically contain lower sulfite levels or are made without added sulfites.

Are there any certification standards for organic and biodynamic wines?

Several certification bodies oversee organic and biodynamic wine production. The USDA certifies us organic and the European Vegetarian Union certifies us vegan. These certifications ensure that wineries adhere to specific standards and farming practices.

Where can I find Partners and Grapes' organic
and vegan wines?

Partners and Grapes' organic and vegan wines are available at select retailers and restaurants and can be purchased directly from our website.